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Welcome to Village Park Elementary, where Magic is in every classroom; love is what unites us, adventure is everywhere, and dragons are real!

Words cannot express how grateful I am for all your support, patience, and flexibility as we continue to adjust systems in place to improve our school operations. Piece by piece, we will make Village Park Elementary the top school in OCPS.

Our dragon scholars experience the most innovative learning methods every day through fun and engaging lessons created by our Magic Makers, our teachers. Here at VPE, we have an atmosphere where students, parents, staff, and community members work together to create a family environment. We strive to become a school that inspires academic excellence, leadership, collaboration, and a world-class education for every student. Our teachers teach in ways that promote creativity, innovation, joy, and a passion for learning. They also promote academic excellence and set high expectations for every scholar. VPE is committed to celebrating diversity and inclusion for all dragon scholars.

Everything we do at Village Park Elementary is intended to build community. Our School-wide community-building activities' primary purpose is to link students, parents, and teachers; help foster new school traditions; and promote helpfulness, inclusiveness, and responsibility.

We also have our House System. The House System promotes character, academic success, school spirit, a family atmosphere, and a culture of excellence in our school. It also uplifts and inspires all students.

Megestanis- House of Leaders

Innovatio- House of Innovation

Animus- House of Bravery

Sapientia- House of Wisdom

We are four houses = one family

I am very proud to be the principal of such a fantastic community, outstanding teachers, and the most amazing dragon scholars!

Once again, thank you for choosing Village Park Elementary! Where the real magic happens!

Dr. Vazquez

Proud Principal


School hours - 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Student hours - 8:45 am to 3:00 pm

                                Wed 8:45-2:00pm


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